ErvasBasilicoGirardi Team
ErvasBasilicoGirardi Team

We tell a story, you live it

Ivan Ervas, Dimitri Basilico and Giulia Girardi, borned respectively in Meda (MB) in 1974, Castellanza (VA) in 1973 and S. Donà di Piave (VE) in 1983, live and work as designers in Italy. 

They take the degree at the Politecnico of Milano with the higher grades, she studies between Milano, Los Angeles and Santo Domingo. 

They are founders in 1999 of the Integrated team srl, working on research and design and becoming ADI members, association for the industrial design; she works on interior design projects on the caribbean coasts. 

One of them teaches product methodology at the design faculty of the Politecnico in Milano, the other one teaches design at the International College of Arts & Sciences and at the ISGMD Graphic Fashion Design Institute. 

Once reached their personal style, they founded the ErvasBasilicoGirardi design studio, dedicated to the conscious, creative and cultural innovation, through a project phylosophy in constantly evolution where design is the main character. Taste the beauty, have an aesthetic sense, perceive and forsee in the right way, project through design to create an emotion, a sensation, is our DNA. 

They deal with national and international design business from over 15 years, in the many product contexts, following the whole productive process that takes at the creation of a new project, from the idea to the final communication.
Passionate of art, collectors of design products, they have several times planned events and exhibiitons. Borned with the innovation culture, they work on neodesign subjects, images and objects through art and design, with a particular attention at the technology research. Their creations are a combinarion of magic, methodologic game and sensorial surprise.

They work in many areas such as: furniture, electrical appliances, lighting, bathroom furniture, sporting and wellness goods, household products, sanitary equipment, exterior furniture, tapware, accessories, handles, ventilation products, bathtubs, shower trays, stools, washbasins and gadgets.

They’re part of the council of the ALMA Onlus foundation in Venice from 2005.